In the lab I work or recently worked with:

  • Georges Chabouh (PhD)
  • Catherine Quilliet, Benjamin Dollet, Philippe Marmottant - thin shells dynamics, artifical microswimmers.
  • Elise Lorenceau - foams of blood
Collaborators in other labs:

  • Thomas Podgorski, LRP Grenoble - experiments on blood microcirculation
  • Sebastian Aland, Freiberg University, Germany - 3D simulations of shell dynamics
  • Douglas Holmes, Boston University - buckling of shells
  • Nathan Karst (Babson College, Boston) and John Geddes (Olin College, Boston) - modeling of blood flow on networks
  • Christophe Minetti, Microgravity Research Center, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Adel Djellouli, Harvard - buckling of shells